How to Fix Google Play Store Is Not Working

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Google play store is the application introduced by Google for all Android users. This application is such that it does not require any further introduction to the people. It is used to find and download applications on Android smartphones. And it has even received quite an outstanding response from the users all around the world because of its commendable performance. Users could find any application that they wish for whether it is games, camera-related, novels, movies, etc. But at the same time, some users who were complaining about their Google Play store not working, and because of which they are unable to use the application. Also, they were not sure how to get rid of this hence were finding issues online. So, if you have landed here in search of your answers then you shall be assured. You will be getting the resolution in this article. 

Causes of Google Play Store Not Working

Before jumping to fix the issue you should first know the causes of Google Play store not working and that are discussed below. 

  1. The first thing that can lead to Google not responding is an improper internet connection. 
  2. Another reason can be because your device is affected by a virus because of which your device is working slowly as a whole. 
  3. In case, if you have logged from another email account of Google and that is not associated with your device then also there can be issues while using the Google Play store. 
  4. If you have not yet updated Google Apps even then you can face such an issue.  
  5. Apart from this, not updating the operating system of your device to the latest version can also cause you with such issues. 

And there can be many other reasons which can cause Google Play store to not respond. And, to know how to fix Google Play store is not working then you can try the steps below.  

List of Ways to Troubleshoot Google Play Store

  1. Before proceeding you need to check your internet connection. If you find it poor or slow then you can contact the network service provider. 
  2. Also, take the help of any third-party antivirus application to get away from the virus that has affected your device. 
  3. Then do not forget to update Google Applications to its latest versions. Doing so can also resolve your issue. 
  4. If you have not updated the Android version of your device then proceed now from the updater and update it to the latest version. 
  5. Check if you have logged into the correct Google account the same as that associated with your device. If not then do the changes and check if your issue is resolved or not. 
  6. If the issue remains the same then you can choose to restart your device and then open your Google Play store application. 
  7. Also, do not forget to clear caches from the device’s settings option such that you can use Google Play store as usual. 

After following the above tips and steps if your issue remains the same then you shall not panic, Contacting and reaching out to customer service of Google is the best option to get away from such an issue.

What causes errors in the Google Play store?

At the time a user is trying to download an app or game on the device, multiple problems causes of Google Play Store errors. A list of the common reasons due to which Google Play Store error might occur is as below:

  • Connectivity problem in the Google server
  • Google Play store is not updated
  • Google Play cache files may cause the error
  • Problem with the WiFi connection

How can you fix Google Play Store Errors?

If you wanted to discover how to fix Google Play Store errors most correctly, then apply the solutions as provided below to resolve it:

Restart device

  • Restarting your android device fixes almost all sorts of problem
  • Therefore, when the error in Google Play store occurs, switch off your device and then restart it

Force quite Play store

  • Open your device settings and move to Apps
  • Then find Google Play store in the Apps list
  • Open the Google Play and tap on force stop button
  • Then later reopen the Google Play store again and retry downloading the apps

Reconnect WiFi

  • Sometime WiFi may be causing the error in Google Play store
  • Therefore, disconnect your device WiFi for a few seconds
  • Then reconnect the WiFi again and try using Google Play store again

Clear cache in Google Play store

  • Unlock your android device and open its settings
  • Then move towards the Apps section and open it
  • Find Google Play store from the list and open it
  • Next go to storage section under Google Play app
  • Then hit clear cache button and retry downloading any game or app from it

Update Google Play

  • Visit the web page of Google Play service
  • Tap on the update button and let it finish
  • If the Google Play is already updated then deactivate option will appear
  • Once you have updated Google play service to its latest version try using it again

Update your device

  • Your android device is not updated may also cause the Google Play error
  • Therefore, go to your android device settings at first
  • Find about phone tab and click on system update
  • Then wait for the system update to finish then retry using Google Play store

Hence, the solutions for resolving the Google Play store errors on your own are discussed here that you can follow anytime when you encounter such issue. Apart from that, you can also contact the Google customer support live person in case the Play Store error still exists as they can offer a better solution for fixing it.

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