How To Secure Your Gmail Account?

Google is well-known for its secured services. Every user chooses Google for the reason of authenticity and reliability. Gmail is a widely used email service as it is a Google product.

In case, a user realizes that someone has hacked the account, it might be possible that the data is also being stolen. Gmail is used for emails, Google docs, Google Drive, etc. and if someone is accessing the account, everything related to it is easily accessible. As Google account is among the best internet services, it is targeted easily by hackers. Using below mentioned a user can get info about is someone using your Gmail account:

  • The user needs to open the Gmail account by signing-in to it.
  • Then, the page is scrolled down to the bottom and the details link in the bottom right corner is clicked.
  • Details link will recent logins in the recent security events.
  • The page will have the details about the browser that was used along with IP address, date and time.
  • This info might help the user in finding the suspicious activity (if any).
  • Another option is using the Google security page, the page is scrolled to devices. It will show the info about the browser and place where it is logged in.

How to Check if someone else is accessing Gmail Account?

The procedure for how to check if someone else is accessing your Gmail account is as follows:

  • The user needs to visit the permissions page in the control panel of the Gmail account.
  • The section of Apps with access to your account is selected and reviewed. Any of the devices can be clicked to display complete info. In order to revoke the access to any device, the Remove access button is tapped.
  • The user is required to repeat the process with the other two sections which are displayed on the screen. The options are Signing-in with Google or Google apps.
  • Sometimes the user cannot remove the access to some of the online sites and applications.
  • In order to locate the recent activities on the Gmail account, below mentioned steps can be followed:
  • The official website of Gmail is browsed in the web browser.
  • The user can click the details on the bottom-right of the screen which is there under Last account activity.
  • The next pop-up will have a date/time column to see the recent connections of Gmail account.
  • The access type column can be checked and show details are clicked to get the complete info of the devices.
  • Finally, Manage account access is clicked where the unidentified devices can be removed for security.

To get help regarding the issue or to resolve any query, the technical support of Google can be contacted. The Google technical expert will assist the user regarding all the issues and they can be contacted using the phone, email or web support. The contact info is easily available on the official website of Google.

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