How To Solve the Problem of Hulu not working in Google Chrome?

Hulu is the US-based online streaming service which has a large user-base of millions of people who access this service from various parts of the world. You can use Hulu from any device but sometimes the users of Google Chrome face several issues.

If a user is also facing issues in the working of Hulu and searching for the answer of How To Fix Hulu Not Working On Chrome Issue, then he can resolve this issue by using the methods that are given below.

What is the process to resolve the non-working issue of Hulu in Google Chrome?

A user can easily resolve the non-functioning issue of Hulu not working on Chrome and use the services provided by Hulu on this browser without any obstacle by making use of some methods.

Update the Google chrome

Hulu is a premium video streaming company which can be accessed by using the Google Chrome browser but some of the users face some issues in the working of Hulu on this browser.

This thing can be resolved by updating this browser and the process to update this browser is.

  • Open the Google Chrome browser in your device.
  • Click on the three dots located on the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Click Update Google Chrome option then select the relaunch option.

Every update erase the shortcoming of the previous version of the browser and enabled the user to use the new updates that come with the new version.

Restart the Chrome browser

A user can also choose the method of restarting the Google chrome to remove the non-working problems of Hulu in this browser. The restart will provide the browser with an opportunity to terminate all the existing programs and re-launch them.

If this doesn’t work then you can also consider restarting the whole system to give all the hardware components the required break.

Clear the cache of the Google Chrome

Every time when the new website launches in the browser, some data of that website is stored in the device which can hamper the efficiency of the browser and affects the working of several websites.

Thus, a user is recommended to clear the cache from the Google chrome by employing this method.

  • Open the Google Chrome browser and click on the three vertically aligned dots (located in the top-right side).
  • Click on the option of More Tools and select Clear Browsing Data.
  • Select delete everything and click on the option of Clear Data.

Clearing the data from the device offers a user with the facility of using the services of Hulu easily.

Other vital points of resolving Hulu not working error

There are various other points that can also be used for solving the problem of Hulu not working in the Google Chrome.

  • Remove the ad-blocker or site blocker app from the device which as it may hinder the working of some websites in the Google Chrome.
  • Overheating of the device can also cause this problem to appear, it can be removed by turning the device off and cutting all the power supply.
  • Checking and eliminating any fault in the internet connection can also be used for erasing this issue.
  • If nothing works then the user should change the browser and diagnose any network connection issue in the device.

If the user is not able to resolve the issue of Hulu not working on Google Chrome then he can obtain more information by contacting the Google customer support phone number live person of Hulu for resolving this issue.

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