How To Update Google Chrome In Ubuntu

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Explain the methods to update Google Chrome in Ubuntu

Google Chrome is a popularly used browser that is successful because of its quality to work efficiently with any operating system. Similarly, multiple Ubuntu users have also installed Google Chrome in their system. Moreover, Google Chrome needs to be updated from time to time for efficient usage. Many people, however, don't know the exact process of updating Google Chrome in Ubuntu due to its lesser usage. This page is the most reliable page to provide genuine help to all those persons who wanted to update the Google Chrome browser on Ubuntu, but uninformed of the right process to do it. Hence, the inquiry of several people on how to update Google Chrome in Ubuntu is settled successfully with the help of the information discussed below.

Update Chrome via Google repository:

Those, who are using Ubuntu operating device can use one or two methods for updating the Google Chrome browser in their system. The first method for updating the Google Chrome is available via Google repository which performs the function efficiently. Moreover, the step by step process of updating the Chrome browser though Google repository is as enlisted below:

  • Firstly, create a file by opening the path link /etc./apt/sources.list.d in the directory
  • Name the file you need to create for Google repository as Google-chrome.list
  • Then type the command on Ubuntu terminal for downloading the repository
  • Next, add the Google repository which you have downloaded, on the previously created file
  • Once Google repository is added, follow the given commands to update Chrome
  • Now wait for the Google Chrome update to be finished successfully
  • Then you can open the updated Chrome on the user interface of the Ubuntu
  • Or launch the updated version of Google Chrome directly on the Ubuntu terminal

Update Chrome via manual installation:

Another way of updating Google Chrome on Ubuntu can be processed by performing it manually. As per this manual process of updating the Google Chrome on Ubuntu, a person needs to download the updated version first and then install it on the Ubuntu terminal. Hence, the procedure to update Google Chrome manually is as discussed below:

  • Go to the official web page of Google Chrome for downloading the package first
  • Then wait until the file is downloaded, next start the installation process
  • Follow each step and command carefully for the successful installation
  • After the installation is complete run the Google Chrome browser on Ubuntu terminal
  • You can also provide Google-Chrome command if wanted to run it on the background
  • Next, the PPA will be added automatically for providing the latest Chrome updates

Hence, you can follow any of the above explained methods for updating Google Chrome in Ubuntu terminal successfullyHowever, you can also get additional support from a customer care executive from the Google support team regarding updating the Google Chrome. This way you can successfully, update the Google Chrome in your Ubuntu operating system by getting proper support from a technical executive, whenever unable to perform it on your own.

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