How To Translate Language In Google Sheets

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How can you use Google Translator for Excel?

Google is like a blessing in disguise for all the people who use the internet on a daily basis. With the help of one single Google account, you can monitor all your online activities on applications developed by Google. Whether you have to send an urgent mail to your boss or do video call with the help of a Google duo and much more. Google has everything that you would need to work online.

Using Google translator

One of the latest developments that Google has made is its new feature known as Google translate is one of the finest features of Google. Founded a decade back, Google translate is an online translator that is used for translating any language precisely English into any other language.

How does Google Translator Work?

1. Depending upon what kind of work you are doing on Google, translator feature works accordingly to translate whatever piece of information you need.

2. If you are writing any content on the document then translate it later

3. Or if you have visited any website on the Google browser then translate to any website you want

4. Moreover, if you want you can also translate any kind of PDF or document received by anyone into the language of your preference

5. Or if you access the services of Google translator then convert the speech you say into any language you want.

Using Google translator in Excel sheets

Excel is an inbuilt application found in every laptop or computer that you can use as spreadsheets for all kinds of mathematical calculations or maybe maintaining a record of figures. Now Excel is just not used for applying mathematical formulas but you can even use to translate words in the different rows and columns of Excel’s spreadsheet. For accessing Google translate for excel, there are certain steps that you can follow.

Steps to enable Google translator in an excel sheet

1. To enable translator feature in an excel sheet, first of all, choose any particular cell, sheet or column and highlight it to translate.

2. Now moving ahead, tap on review button and then choose translate

3. After this, pick any one language that you want to see the translation of.

4. Now select the option insert and the chosen text will be translated with the cell or column you highlighted in the very first step.

And you are done! Now you can start using the same steps as to how to translate languages with Google sheets.

Few important things to keep in mind while using Google translator.

1. Google sheets used for any kind of translation is considered to be a far better option than using a pocket dictionary and will help you a lot if you are learning any new foreign language

2. Also to access this app, all you need is to plug in the basic formulas with your translator app to use in spreadsheets.

3. You can write down the word to be translated in one cell and apply the formula and get the translation in another

4. Google translator produces a result in more than a hundred languages hence you can try any of them.

5. Moreover, we cannot access our laptops everywhere we go hence try downloading Google sheet app on phone to find out meaning of a word in other languages.

And hence that’s all how you can use Google translator in Excel. In addition to that if suppose Google translate not working in excel then there are few steps with which you can even fix it. And for any doubt, contact customer care team.

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