How To Recover Gmail Password Without Phone Number

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How The Password Recovery Of Gmail Is Possible Without Using The Registered Phone Number

Gmail is the amalgamation of different features that can make your daily work easy for you. It is compatible with all such devices that you are operating. It is easy to use each feature of Gmail but certain situations can’t be just avoided. To find help on such occasions, try to connect with the customer service team. 

It is quite easy for you to reset Gmail account password if you don’t have the registered mobile number. There is even option to choose a one-time code for doing the password recovery. It is beneficial to use an email address or answer security questions to set a new account password.

What to do if I forgot my Gmail password and mobile number change?

There is first need to open a browser on the computer system or Smartphone. 

Visit the official web page of Gmail “Sign in.”

Users should enter their email address in the given space and tap on “Next” button. 

Now, the next page will ask you to enter the account password. Tap on “Forgot password link” which is located below the “Sign in” button.

The page which will appear will ask you to enter the last password which you remember. 

You should enter it or tap on “Try a different question link” located at the bottom of the page. 

Now, the next page will ask you to receive a verification code by text message at the phone number. 

When you want to use the phone number, then tap on “Try a different question link.”

A user will be prompted with a security question – when did you create this account.

There is a need to choose a month and year. After you select month and year, tap on “Next” button. It will take you to the page where an individual can create and confirm a new password for your Gmail account.

An individual can even choose to receive an email containing a one-time temporary code which will be sent to the password recovery email account.

The user may log in to their password recovery account and tap on the email containing one-time temporary code. There is need to paste that code on password reset page to reset a new password for the Gmail account.

When you don’t find the solution to the given issue helpful to you, try to be in contact of the technical experts. They will give you proper guidance to resolve the Gmail password reset without a phone number. The technician first takes the description of the issue from the expert and then suggests you with some specific resolution which will help you a lot. Customer service agents will first try to solve the issue over the phone. When the issue will be difficult, remote desktop assistance will be used. People can use some other alternative ways to find help, live chat, and email service.

What are the benefits to contact technical engineers?

It should be the first priority for everybody to connect with a group of engineers if they want to find instant help. The issue that was difficult to fix earlier will be fixed quickly by the effort of the technical team. Technical experts are highly qualified and have the skills to solve each specific issue, User should explain their issue to the technical engineer and feel relax. Experts will provide you guidance to resolve technical bug and will not leave until it will not be resolved completely. The support engineers can be contacted anytime if you need help from them.

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