How To Recover Gmail Account Using Facebook?

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Social media platforms like Facebook are trending a lot these days still there are a lot of internet users who are still stuck with the idea of exchanging emails on platforms like Gmail. Though people might switch to Facebook or any other medium to drop a text or maybe video call their friends or family but if you are a working professional then you can only interact officially. And for all such formal conversations, you need email account. And there is no other email account as accurate as Gmail.

Forgetting the Password of Gmail and Recovering it  

The Internet plays a vital role in our lives and nearly all of us use internet daily. But still a lot of us often end up forgetting the password of Gmail accounts. And once you forget the password of your Gmail account, you won’t be able to log in. 

Gmail password recovery

Once you have tried unsuccessful attempts to remember your password, try to find out ways to recover it. If you know about How to Recover Gmail Password, then you can easily use it to recover the lost password. To

Can Gmail password be recovered using Facebook?

Google gives three main methods of Account recovery. In fact you can use your Gmail account to log in other online platforms such as Facebook. Moreover, you can use any alternative email id of yours even to recover the lost Facebook password. But you can’t use it in a reverse manner. Suppose if you wish to recover lost Gmail account with the help of Facebook platform then it’s impossible. You can really use Facebook Id to revive Gmail’s lost password.

Using Gmail recovery methods to recover password

Keeping the Facebook method aside, you can pick any of the main three methods to recover the lost password of Gmail. To find out more about this method, tap below.

Using alternative email method

1.If you use alternative email method then open the sign in page of Gmail and click on forgot password link.

2.As the page gets diverted to the account recovery, enter your username with which you log in.

3.On the next page, pick this method and you will receive a recovery code on mail. Open the mail and enter the code in the box.

4.Now you can set a new password for yourself. Once done, you can log in using the new password.

Recovery phone number

1.If you use recovery phone number then follow the initial common steps and move to the account recovery link.

2.Now here enter your username and pick phone number option. Here you will receive a code on your phone as text.

3.Enter the code and set a new password for yourself. Re-enter the password to confirm and hence you will be done.

Answering the security questions

If you pick security questions then you will receive a few questions related to you that you might have set while signing up. Now if you are successful in answering all the questions then you can set a new password and re-enter the password to confirm and you will be done.

And that’s how to reset the password when you can’t find solution to the doubt of how to recover Gmail password through Facebook account. In case of any doubt, contact the customer care team.

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