How To Recover Deleted Gmail Account After 1 Year

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Want to recover a deleted Gmail account? Here is the complete info

Gmail account is prominently used an email account on the internet. Almost all the internet users have their account on Gmail. At some point of time, if the user wants to get rid of Gmail account want to delete it temporarily, then this option is provided to the users.

Google Account Recovery After Long Time

For deleting a Gmail account, a user can sign-in to the account and proceed for the account deletion. If the account is once deleted, it can only be recovered within 30 days. After 30 days, account recovery is not possible. If a user enquiries that is it possible to recover deleted a Gmail account year ago, then answer to this question is no. Google does not allow Gmail account recovery after 1 year. If it is recovered within 30 days, then below mentioned steps can be used for recovery of Gmail account:

The initial step is to browse the account recovery page of Gmail on the internet.

On the homepage of Gmail recovery page https //, the user is asked to enter the email or phone number of the account that is being recovered.

If the user has forgotten the email, then Forgot email link can be clicked and then by entering the phone number, user can retrieve the username.

In case the user does not remember the password for the account, simply the email address is entered in the given field and the Next button is clicked.

On the next page, the user is asked to enter the password. The user is required to click the link of the Forgot password.

The link will redirect the user to the recovery of the Gmail account. Any of the suitable methods can be chosen if the user wants to know how to recover deleted Gmail account.

Next page will have the option to enter any last remembered password for the Gmail account. If the user remembers, it can be entered otherwise Try another way is clicked.

After that, the user is asked to identify the phone number linked with the account. The missing digits of the phone number are also displayed on the screen. By entering the phone number, verification code is received on that number. It is further entered in the text field given and if verified, the option of creating new password will appear. If user does not have access to the phone, another way can be tried.

Further, the user is left with the option of recovery email. The user is asked to enter the recovery or alternate email linked with the account. The inbox will have the verification code in the email sent by Google. The code is entered in the given field and password reset option will appear.

The user will have the option of creating the new password for the account.

It is confirmed by entering it again in the confirm password box.

Finally, the password and username can be used for the recovery of the account.

These steps will recover the account within 30 days of deletion.

Support for Google Account

The technical support of Google can be contacted if the user wants to enquire about how to recover deleted Gmail account after 1 year. The technical person will assist the user with best solutions using skills and tools. The contact details can be grabbed from the official website of Google.

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