How To Recover Deleted Contacts from Android Phone?

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Recovery of Lost Contacts In Android Phones

Pictures, video recordings, audio recordings etc. other then all this, there is one more thing which is one of the most important in your mobile phone i.e. the contact of your phone. It may contain contacts of your family, friends, work, business, services etc. No matter how you lost the contact whether you have deleted them by mistake or they are deleted while you rooted the device or it might have lost because of the tweaking and tinkering that you do with your android phone. But you will find yourself in a terrible situation if you’ve lost the contacts.

How To Restore Android Contacts With Gmail?

In most of the cases, you can find the deleted or lost contacts very easily by restoring Android contacts with Gmail but sometimes you can never retrieve them, we will discuss the methods to recover the lost and deleted contacts in below steps:

Sometimes the problem is not you have lost the contacts but the problem is you are not able to find them because of the complex settings in the android system. So if you are thinking that the contacts are lost you can still check them once whether they are hidden.

  • Open the contacts
  • Open the top right menu
  • Tap on Contacts to display
  • Tap on All contacts
  • Tap on save

If the contacts were hidden you will be able to see them all after this.

If the phone was synced with the Google account that means there is a backup generated on your Google drive for your contacts, you can simply get access to them again. You have to sync your device one more time with the Google and you will get all the contacts restored.

  • When you log into the Gmail click on the menu on the left-hand side
  • Click on contacts it will give you a new window
  • Click on restore
  • Click on save

You should keep an Android back up for your phone so that if your root your phone completely you can still recover all your contacts very easily. This is how to recover deleted contacts from Android phone. Android backup is a process of keeping a copy of file of all your device storage on cloud provided by Google for all Google accounts.

You can check the contact database file of your android device

If you have not wiped your device completely, there is always an option to restore all the contacts, depending upon the manufacturer of your android phone and the version. You can find the database files in different locations accordingly.

If you are able to find the contact database and its empty that means they are gone for good.

If nothing helps you, you can message your contact people on social media network such as Facebook, twitter etc. informing them that you need their contact details again.

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