How To Get Free Google Drive Storage?

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How to upgrade Google Drive for free? 

Google Drive is an online storage which comes with a limited storage capacity. It allows the user to store, share, and collaborate files for free. Every user gets 15 GB storage space on Google Drive free, but some of the users get their free storage filled up very soon. A user can upgrade his/her storage allowance by upgrading to a premium plan, which currently starts at 1.99 for 100 GB and 10 TB for $99.99 monthly. A user can upgrade it without spending anything, and here are some tricks for how to upgrade Google Drive for free.

Utilize the free 15 GB Space in the best possible way

You can do a number of things with the free 15 GB of your Google Drive space. Hence, you can do many things to free up space.  A simple thing you can do is to remove the large files. The files that are less important but occupying more space are needed to be removed if the user is seeking to free up some space.

Open in your web browser and make login to your Google account. It will bring the list of files with the largest files at the top in your screen. Move the files that you no longer need to the trash. Then, empty the trash. Make sure that the files removed from the trash are very hard to recover.

Change Google Photos Format

Are you using the Google Photos app on your mobile device? If yes, you are advised to move towards the top left of the screen. Here you will find the Upload Size setting under the backup & Sync option. Google stores high-quality photos for free, but it takes more storage space. That’s why; changing the settings on your Google photos is considered as a great way to increase Google drive space free.

Get a free Google drive upgrade by becoming a Google local guide

Google is known to contribute free perks to users who contribute to Google Maps. So, it is possible for you to earn a free Google Drive upgrade if you are intended to help Google make Google Maps better. If you add reviews, pictures, or new venues, you are likely to be awarded points. 

Unlimited Google Drive Free Space

By signing up on Edu GSuite Domain students and other school or Colleges staff can get unlimited space on Google Drive.

Google Special Promotions – Sometimes, Google offers free space in return for completing some tasks and offering 2GB free space for completing a security task.

Upgrade a Google Drive Plans

User can upgrade your Google drive storage by purchasing a plan at 1.99 per month for 100GB and 10TB will cost $99.99 per month.

Google drive also prefers other competitors to increase more space at the lowest prices, for example, DropBox, charges are $9.99 per month for 100GB.

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