Why is my Google Chrome not Working

When it comes to preference of web browsers Google chrome will win the competition. Google chrome is that free web browser that is developed by Google and is well known since its introduction in 2008. Ever since Google introduced its web browser, it has been in the market winning the race by competing with the other web browsers like Mozilla, internet explorer etc. Those who are not aware from qualities of this browser you can read further to know its benefits and functions.

Get to know you Chrome Closely with New Features

Google chrome experienced drastic positive feedback since its launch and now keeps on multiplying just like its performance. People prefer this web browser for many reasons which are mentioned below.

  1. This web browser has simple designed which makes easier to work on it. Google Chrome is capable of syncing your preferences, add bookmarks on the sites which are frequently visited and also has an easy user interface.
  2. Google Chrome is known to be the versatile browser as one can use this browser easily anywhere in a variety of devices which have different operating systems. Google chrome is highly preferred browser by users when used in Macbook, Windows laptops, and phones, Android etc.
  3. One of the most strong points of this browser is its speed and compatibility. We have discussed its compatibility in the previous point. As far as speed is concerned, Google chrome provides commendable speed while loading the images, website, playing games videos and much more. With high speed, every user likes to prefer this browser.
  4. Chrome is also known to have built-in pdf reader and the flash player making it easy for the user to work on chrome itself instead of installing other document viewing application. This is the added advantage for users and chrome makers as well.
  5. Google chrome is also known for its clean and easy to understand features and options. Chrome is known to have a well-organized layout with added settings feature, toolbar options and many more.
  6. The user also has an advantage when signing into the account as when you sign up for the chrome account you get the access to other Google applications and services using the same account.

Chrome Experiencing Issues

When any new thing is introduced in the market, then the makers of the products are ready to take every criticism and praise as positive energy. Similarly, Google Chrome is one of the leading web browsers can also face issues while working. And not to be disappointed as Google has a solution to your doubts when you face problems like Google chrome not working. To solve any problem it is necessary to reach the root of it to eradicate the issue permanently. Hence, first, you will know various reasons behind Chrome not responding which are mentioned below.

  1. First and foremost check the internet connection. Improper internet connection can be the cause of chrome not responding.
  2. If you are using chrome since long and have not updated yet then using an older version of chrome might be another reason for chrome.
  3. You can also check if you have the latest software update of the device in which chrome is working.
  4. Check if any of the antivirus version is stopping for chrome to respond.

Steps to troubleshoot Google Chrome not responding issue

If your Chrome not working troubleshoot it by using the following tips.

  1. First, you need to check your internet connection whether you have proper internet connectivity from the wireless network modem. If you are using the mobile data then you can check from your device’s “Network Settings”. You can try to search using another browser if the search opens then you can move to the next step as there could be some issue in your chrome itself.
  2. Next, you can try to check the updates of your chrome. If not updated then you can update your application from the application manager.
  3. If your chrome is updated and still not works then you can try clearing your browsing history. This can be done from “Settings” option and then clicking on “Advanced Settings” option at the bottom of the list.
  4. You can also try clearing the cookies as every website utilizes cookies which may sometime hinder in working of Chrome. Clearing cookies from a website can result in chrome to work.
  5. Sometimes chrome might not work due to some antivirus application. It happens that due to an antivirus application, the working of chrome can be affected. Hence you may check the antivirus application settings or can remove and reinstall the application.
  6. You can check your computer if it is free from malware. It might happen that sometimes your computer or mobile device may have virus due to which some applications might not be working and chrome may be counted as one of the application.

Google Chrome Assistant

After trying all the above steps if you are still facing the issue then you can contact Google chrome customer support number. This support number is available 24/7 at your service and you can contact any time of the hour irrespective of time zone. The customer service representative will be delighted to solve your queries in a short span of time.

You can say that Google Chrome is the best browser in terms of browsing and customer service.

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