How To Connect Google Home Mini To iPhone?

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What are the ways to Connect Google home with iPhone?

Google always comes up with some innovative features for its users hence latest innovation in its list now is Google home. Google home is basically a inbuilt speaker that is developed by Google and enables its users to command it by giving orders or by asking any question. To enable using Google one needs to have a wireless Wi-Fi connection to give instructions. The best part of Google home is that you can connect it to any kind of device like android or iPhone. Suppose if you use apple device then you can connect Google Home with Siri which is an inbuilt speaker in iPhone. Hence in order to know how to connect Google home mini to iPhone then you can take help of below instructions.

Steps to Setup Google home with iPhone:

1. The most basic need to connect Google home is a wireless internet connection attached with your iPhone

2. With Google home, comes a cable attached. Connect the cable into any electric socket and the opposite end to the speaker

3. As soon as you plug in, device will start flashing light and ask you in a voice to download Google home in your iPhone.

4. Make sure once again that your Wi-Fi is well connected and thus launch Google home app

5. On the top in welcome screen it will read one device found. Tap and set up the device

6. Within few seconds you will hear a sound and your iPhone will ask did you hear

7. Then you will be asked where the device is. Answer it where you have kept it

8. Now select the device name for your network and asked to set up Google assistant

9. Your device will ask for permission to access features of your iPhone or tablet and internet. Click OK and grant him permission

10. Now follow instructions to make your Google home identify your voice

11. Once done you can check your settings by saying like hey Google or Okay Google

12. After doing all the permission and voices settings, you can add music to your device to stream in live music

13. You can also add Netflix to your device from add your video services menu

14. Click on almost done on screen and add your card details so that you can even buy stuff online

15. Moreover, Google home can even update it on its own.

Hence you can set up Google home mini with iPhone and you are done. Moreover if you have any doubt or query, contact customer care.

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