How Much Time Does Google Drive Take to Process a Video?

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Time is Taken by Google Drive To Process a Video

Google drive is an inbuilt application already installed in android mobile phones whose main work is to access all the unwanted storage data say images, music, documents, or other unused application and store it safely. The best part of Google drive is that it gives you freedom of storing all the data without having to worry about space. Today the biggest concern of everyone is that they can’t store bigger files on their phone which they are not using these days because they already have other files stored. Google drive arranges all such files date and time-wise and stores everything in a manner. Because of too many files stored big or small, the application at times becomes slow.  Although if you are uploading any video in the drive and its taking time. There is no fixed time duration of how much time does Google drive take to process a video. But it surely depends on a lot of factors. The factors that affect the processing of a video on Google drive are listed below.

Common issues likely to occur while uploading a video on the drive

1. If you have a strong internet connection then you can surely upload a video at a fast speed. But if your network is giving you a hard time then it will surely take time.

2. If you are uploading a single file or a video then it hardly takes few minutes but if you have kept too many files on uploading then Google first verifies all of them and uploads them one by one. Even this can take time and affect the uploading of a video.

3. A video might take time to upload if the processor of your phone has become slow. And if the processor is good then it won’t take much time.

4. The upload of the file also depends on the size of the file. If you are uploading a large size file then it might take time whereas even if you are uploading many files of small size then it won’t take much time.

Now if you want to avoid the time issue while uploading files then you can follow below hacks.

1. Try uploading files of smaller size.

2. If you are uploading a file of large size then do it one at time. Too many pending files delay the process.

3.If you can’t wait till file gets uploaded try leaving it on upload during the night before sleeping.

4. Keep updating your drive for smooth functioning.

Hence these were the perfect solutions to how much time does Google drive take to process an uploaded video which you can keep in mind to avoid time wastage.

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