How do I find my Google Authenticator Key?

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How To Find out the Authenticator Key instantly? Here is everything to learn:

Google has been a splendid service in terms of completing a number of tasks without persisting a single error. Google is associated with the various features and products like Google Map, Google Drive, Google translation, Gmail, YouTube, Play store, Google Authentication, Google+, and much more. In this session, we will explain about Google Authentication which is known as the software of the mobile application. It is based on the Two-factor Authentication that helps to verify the user identification prior to access to the website and other services of the Google account.

How to find Google Authenticator key?

Google Authentication helps to create the one time password which is most essential to addressing the valid user of the account and technical devices. Google Authentication app offers an Authentication key in order to identify the user of the account. It helps also to take back up of the previous data and saves them at the particular file and folders.

So it is the best in resetting the password and save your account from the unnecessary access of the virus attacks through the mail and directly. So further if you are asking a question that “how do I find my Google Authenticator key” then you must have to start the process of the installation and setup Google authenticator helps to find out the key as slowing down.

  1. First of all, start on your Android device and go to the play store to download Google Authenticator.
  2. Thereafter get ready to install the Google Authenticator and click on the security button.
  3. Press the setup tab and select two-steps verification, you can find the Authenticator app to set up.
  4. Follow the on-screen steps and press the verification button to find out the authenticator key.
  5. Enter the alternate email address or mobile phone number to find out the 8 digit key and enter that into the required field.
  6. After completing the tasks, click on the save changes button at the end of the procedure.

Having done the task, you must keep 8 digit codes to take the back for the Google account. In this process, 8 digits are called a backup code for Google.

Following are the steps to find 8 Digit Backup Code for Google:

  1. At first open, your internet browser to sign in your Google account using its correct email address and password.
  2. Follow the two steps verification process and press the next button.
  3. Click the setup button to check out the code and also set up the backup codes.
  4. 8 digit Verification codes will be sent to your registered mobile phone number or alternate email address.
  5. Enter the code to move forward to take the back up of your Google account easily at the last.

In case you confront an error, and you don’t know the possible solutions to fix the problem then you might get in touch with a tech team that is available at every 24 by 7.

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