How do I Find my 8 Digit Backup Code for Google

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Google is a multinational corporation of the United States. It specializes in Internet-related services and running one of the largest search engines on the World Wide Web.

The user makes a Google account to enjoy Google services. So a Google account is a user account which is required for access and authentication to online Google services.

Backup codes on Google-

If the user lost his phone and can’t receive codes on via SMS, call or Google Authenticator, then he can use the backup codes to sign in. When user secures his Google account with 2 steps Verification, he will need a code to complete the sign in. For user’s query “how do I find my 8 digit backup code for Google”, here is the process is given below-

Steps To Get 8 Digit Backup Codes for Google-

Here, a few steps to get a backup code –

  • The first user needs to sign in to his Google accounts.
  • Then go to the 2-step verification page, he will need to enter his password a second time to access this page.
  • The user scrolls down to the backup codes sections and then selects the show codes.
  • The user enters the “Download” to save a text file to contain the codes to his device or he can print the codes.

If the user lost his backup codes and already used all the codes, then he needs to select “get new code”, then he will get a new set of backup codes and old set of backup codes becomes inactive. In other cases, if a user can’t find downloaded backup codes, they should search his computer for “Backup-codes-username.txt” with his username.

If a user needs to get a solution for his issue “how do I get my 8 digit backup codes for Gmail”, he can search online the process.

Steps to signing in-

  • First, locate the backup codes.
  • Then go to the sign-in page of the Google service.
  • The user needs to enter his username and password.
  • Click “try another way to sign in
  • Click “enter one of your 8-digit backup codes
  • Then the user can enter the backup codes and sign in to his account.

Create Google Backup Codes on Android-

If a user needs to create Google backup codes on Android, then he can follow the steps listed below-

  • First, the user needs to open “settings” on his android phone or tablet.
  • Then go to the accounts and tap on the “Google
  • Open “manage your Google account
  • Select “security
  • Then select “2 step verification”, and enter his password.
  • Select the “show codes”, in the backup codes section.
  • For save the text file, select “download

If the user has another issue regarding the backup code process, then he can contact the Google customer service live person to get help.

For Any Queries:-

Contact Google Customer Service Live Person: 1-866-246-6453 (Google Merchant Center)
Support Hours: 10 AM - 6.30 PM
Opening Days: Monday - Saturday

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