In today’s world when everything is technology-based, no one likes to ask for help to reach a new location, instead, the GPS app is used. GPS is very reliable when you are stuck on an unknown location by giving quick directions. GPS features are available on all smartphones.

How to fix Android Phone GPS issues?

Whenever you encounter any issue while using GPS, it could be anything, either GPS not working or showing a wrong location. If you are looking for solutions and want to know how to fix android GPS issues, then follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned below:

Toggle your GPS- The basic and easiest way to solve the problem, toggle GPS. You can toggle the GPS from the notification bar by pulling it down. Check if the issue is resolved or not.

Toggle Airplane mode- Most of the time, the issue gets resolved by toggling the airplane mode in the notification bar. With this, the network connection will be refreshed.

Power Saving mode- Check the power saving mode as it might disable Wi-Fi and GPS. It is good for saving battery but to use GPS, power saver should be disabled. 

Restart the device- By restarting the device, the settings of the phone will be refreshed and might resolve the issue. 

Update Google maps- If you face any issue or delay in the updates of map, it might be due to outdated version. For proper working, Google maps app should be updated with the latest version.

Clear cache and data from maps- Sometimes the data and cache files cause the issue of GPS not working properly. 

Safe mode- To keep the GPS app unaffected from the corrupted files, you can use the device in Safe mode. 

Update firmware- It is important to keep your device updated as many bugs and problems are resolved with the update. Check for the device updates and install, if any.

Reset to factory settings- If nothing works to resolve the issue, you can reset your device. By resetting the device, all settings will go to default. It will delete all the data from the device including the downloaded apps. So, before resetting, take a backup of the important data and files.

If the issue is still not resolved and you are facing Google Maps not Working or Google maps GPS signal lost problem, contact the technical support of Google. The technical executives will assist the users with best solutions using their skills and tools. To reach out to the support team, you can get the contact info from the official website of Google.

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