Know How you can use Google Voice for your PC

Google, as you might be aware, is a very popular technology company which is known for providing its customers with products and services. And one of these amazing services includes the Google voice feature. Though this feature is an integral part of the popular chat service, Google hangouts, still there are many users who use this service on a regular basis for calling and sending SMS to their contacts on the web. However, there are many users who still have a query on how to use the Google voice for pc. So, in order to help those out here are the complete details about this service.

What exactly is Google Voice Service?

For those who are not aware, Google voice search is basically an inbuilt service which can be used by anyone who has a Gmail account. Further, this service also allows the users to make voice and video calls from device to another. Moreover, this service also some exciting features like call forwarding, call screening etc.

However, for installing Google voice on your computer, there are few requirements that you need to fulfill:

  • First and foremost the user should have a Gmail account.
  • Further, you should also have an account on Google voice service.
  • And if you are using this service on the computer, make sure you have a headset with an inbuilt microphone.

Steps to install Google Voice on your computer:

  • After the creation of Google Voice account, you need to add Google voice number for receiving calls and messages.
  • After the selection of the number, you will be provided with a prompt to link your number with Google voice account.
  • Further, you need to enter the verification code sent on that particular number.
  • Moreover, you can also add an additional number where your phone calls can be forwarded. This means you can link separate numbers for office, home, and other purposes.
  • And once, you are done with the setup procedure, you will receive a voicemail welcoming you on this service.

And with the completion of this process, the query on how to use Google Voice on your computer desktop is solved. You simply need to follow the instructions in order to get the desired results. In case if you have queries and issues you can also reach out to the support for assistance.

Hence, this was the simple procedure to setup Google voice service on your computer. So, simply follow the instructions provided and enjoy this amazing service to stay connected to your loved ones on the web.

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