A Comprehensive Guide To Fix Google Play Services Stopping Error

Did you notice an error message saying “Google Play stopped working” while updating and opening the app? Well, this error can be pretty annoying, but it’s easy to fix. Multiple reasons can lead to this issue, but one can resolve it in time by using some of the basic troubleshooting solutions provided in this article. 

What exactly is stopping error with the Google Play App?

Before heading on with the solutions to resolve Google Play Services Keeps Stopping Error, let’s dig a bit to know about the root cause of this error. In most cases, this error arises because of connectivity problems or because of compatibility problems with the Android version. Besides, an outdated version of Google Play app or when the app is not installed properly, All in all, there is no specific reason for this problem. So, for the users who are looking for solutions to resolve this error, they can check out some of the easiest steps to fix this problem.

Quick Solutions To Resolve Google Play App Stopping Error

For the users who are looking for the Steps to Solve the Error Google Play Services Keeps Stopping, they can check out the listed solutions to resolve this error in time and access uninterrupted Google Play services.

1. Switch off the device

Well, this solution works like magic for most of the users if they are lucky. All you need is to switch off the device by pressing the power button and restarting the device again to check if the issue is resolved or not.

2. Update Google Play app

Another quick solution to resolve Google Play Services Keeps Stopping Error is by updating the application as an outdated version app can lead to issues while accessing the Google Play services.  

  • To begin the process, locate the Google Play app and launch the same. 
  • Now, tap on the menu section and select My app from the section and look for the updates. 
  • Further, the user needs to tap on the Update All option and wait until the Google Play services are updated. 
  • After that, restart the device and check if the issue is fixed or not. 

3. Clear cache of Google Play app

Besides, another quick way to fix this problem is by clearing the cache of Google Play. For this process, the user is required to follow the listed instructions to resolve this error.  

  • On an Android device, launch the Settings app and tap on the App and notification option. 
  • Further, from the list tap on the Google Play services and tap on the clear cache option. 
  • Now, opt to manage space and tap on Clear All Data option to resolve this error. 

4. Check internet connectivity of the device

A poor internet connection can also lead to this error. So, it is suggested to the users to switch to alternative networks or modify the network settings to resolve this error in time. 

5. Factory reset the device

Further, the Steps To Solve The Error Google Play Services Keeps Stopping can include the factory reset instructions that include the following:

  • In the Settings app, pick System settings option and tap on the backup and the reset option.
  • Now, in the section, tap on the factory reset option and select the same.
  • Once the process is completed, the user can restart the device and check if the error is resolved or not.

6. Check date and time settings

  • Begin the process by launching the Settings app and tapping on system settings.
  • Locate the date and time settings and tap on the automatic update option and reboot the device.

How to fix the issue of Google play services keeps stopping?

It becomes very irritating when you are using Google Play Services, and it stops working. Many users have reported this issue for their Smartphone. It could be due to any reason, so your priority should be to fix the issue and make Google Play Services work properly. To know about the fixes for the issue of Google play services keeps stopping, you can go through this article.

Easy ways to fix Google Play Services issue

Google Play Services stops working are a common issue for smartphone users. It is a pre-installed app, which helps you to search, download or update the apps on your device. The issue can be fixed with a few troubleshooting steps. So, if you want to know how to fix Google Play Services keeps stopping, you can try the following fixes:

  • Restart smartphone- While troubleshooting, the first step comes to everyone's mind is restarting the device. You can restart your smartphone and check if the issue is resolved or not.
  • Clear cache and cookies- It might be possible that a lot of cache and cookies are stored in the app, due to which this issue is coming up. You can try clearing the cache and cookies from the app, and it is done in the device Settings. In most cases, the issue is resolved with this.
  • Uninstall updates- Usually, the updates of Google Play Services are installed in the background. In some cases, the update might get wrong or not properly installed n your device. So, you can try uninstalling the updates from your device. This step might fix your issue.
  • Reset your app preferences- Sometimes resetting the app preferences on your device might fix the issue. It will not affect your mobile data but reset background data, default apps, etc.
  • Set date and time- You must check your device's date and time for the proper working of apps. You can use the option of automatic update of date and time in your smartphone.
  • Update your phone- You can check for the latest updates on your phone. If any update is available, you must complete it.

These are the common ways to fix Google Play Services keeps stopping.

If you are still left with any query related to the issue, or you want to have some other info, you can contact the technical support of Google. The technical experts are available to assist you with all the issues and provide you with the best assistance.

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