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What Are The Different Methods To Do The Account Recovery Of Google

It is not a big problem if you want to do password recovery of the Google account. If you are one of the users who is getting problem while doing the account recovery, stay relax. To resolve all such issues, the technical team has been appointed by Google. It is just required for a user to use a helpline number.

How to do Google account password recovery?

Method 1: Recovery method if you are using desktop

Individual needs to Google Account “Sign in” page and tap the option of “Can’t access your account?”,it will be available inside the login box. 

When you would be asked with the username, it includes the email address or Gmail username. Type your email address and tap “Submit.”

When a user will want to verify that they are not a robot and even not a hacker who is trying to do the recovery of the account password, this will prompt you to enter few characters which will be printed on the screen into the provided textbox. 

It will tell you to use a method by which you would like to do the recovery of the account password. You will be facilitated to select from “Get a password reset link at my recovery email”, “Get a verification code on my phone” or “Answer my security question”.

Google has a standard limit on the number of attempts to recover the password. After you increase the number of tries, that recovery option would be deactivated for a certain time duration and will reactivate itself on the specified date. 

Method 2: When you are using Gmail app

It is first required to use the Gmail app. This will be present in the form of the red and white icon.

Click the option of + adds an email address.

However, you should click on Google. There is a need to type email or phone or phone number associated with the Gmail account in the labeled field. 

Click the option of “NEXT” located in the lower-right corner.

However, you should click the option of “Forgot password?” under the password field.

Type the last password and click “NEXT.”

When you don’t remember the passwords that you used before, click the option of “Try another way to sign in” under the password field. 

Tap the option of “TRY ANOTHER WAY TO SIGN IN” until you don’t know the answer to one. Click the option of “NEXT.”

User’s needs to go by certain on-screen instructions, There is need to go by certain instructions: 

  • First, confirm your registered phone number.
  • A message should be confirmed to the email associated with the Gmail account.
  • Also, you need to confirm an email to a recovery email when you have set up anyone.
  • There is need to type  an email which you may check instantly

There is a need to open an applicable email or text message from Google. 

Also, you should enter the verification code in the message in the given field on the screen.

There is a need to enter a new password and confirm it in the labeled fields. 

Click “NEXT” and should click “ACCEPT.” The password will be recovered and you may “Sign In” into Gmail with it.

When you were unable to enter a previous password or if you may obtain a message at the associated phone number, email, or recovery email, it will be asked to you to "briefly tell us why you can’t access your account." You need to enter a reason and click the option to “Submit.” 

Google account will come back to you within three to five business days.

Irma Carrasco

I can’t recover my password or set up another password. Even using my security word. I don’t remember the date I set up my Google account. Please help I don’t have no one to help me.

Panchu rana

My password not change ... please change my password my mobile not responding

Aungsan Thura

I have phone number to access verification codes but I forgot my second recovey email to restart my passwords. First time I get verification codes with phone number but second time I can no get verification code with my recovery email because of I forgot my recovery email. backup code lose. please help me

Marta Pagan

I no longer have access to my phone number or email under my back up I have no way to log back in. I need help

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