Google Maps not Working on Android Studio Emulator?

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How to Fix Google Maps Not Working on Android Studio Emulator?

If you're unable to update Google Maps on the Android Studio Emulator, you can fix it by checking through a code that you composed to develop your application on the Android Studio. You can design, develop, and preview app layouts through XML. With the latest update in Android studio, the integration of Google Maps into the Android emulator. This extended feature has made it easy and simple for developers with the control panel that they don't need to type the GPS coordinates to test location features in the application.

Now, you won't be wondering how to show Google map in Android emulator, as all you need to open the Android Emulator. The control panel will let you access all the feature and you can manually set the GPS coordinates to detect and find a location in your application.

Also, there are times when you may see some problems while using Google Maps. If you're not able to use Google Maps and want to fix the issue as soon as possible, you can go through the steps mentioned in this post.

Steps to Google Maps Not Working on Android Studio Emulator

Check Internet Connection

Before you take any step to fix the issue, you need to check the internet connection through which your device is connected. You need a good internet connection or you can change your wifi network to get rid of this problem.

Check for an Update

Ever since the Android Studio 3.6 has been launched, incorporating Google Maps has become so smooth that you don't face any glitch in doing so. Just in case, you see some problem while updating the Google Maps on your app, you should check the latest version of the Android Studio. Because the older version doesn't have this option.

Clear Cache, Cookies, and Unwanted Files

It may be the reason that junk files, cache, and cookies stored on your device's memory causing an issue that is not letting you access the Google Maps Services. So, deleting all the junk files and folder won't be a bad decision to make. It gives you smoother access to your device anyway.

Update the Operating System

When you have a pending upgrade for your operating system, you should install it because sometimes, this may cause a problem for your work. Once your device has everything up to date nothing older version of anything, there will be no issue while working on it.

This is how you will be able to add Google Maps on your Android Studio with the help of the latest update. And this has made it easier to link locations within the app. Apart from this; you will no longer worry about how to fix Google maps not working on android studio emulator as well. The aforementioned information will help you thoroughly without any hassle. Just in case, you still see any kind of trouble or glitch, you shouldn't delay anymore and instantly contact the Google Customer Service phone number live person to get assistance. The tech support is available 24*7 to resolve any problem with your Android Studio.

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