A Summary on Google Maps not updating on iPhone

A Google map is a service of web-mapping offered by Google. It serves with street maps, real-time traffic conditions and street views. It helps in deciding a route by showing the shortest route that has less traffic. If someone is travelling by car, foot, car etc. then Google Maps will show the distance and accurate time to reach the destination.

Google Maps Location Not Updating on iPhone

As it is a mobile app, sometimes it comes up with some issues. A common issue with the users is Google maps location not updating iPhone. Few reasons for the same are listed below:

  • It might be due to No signal issue. Sometimes the cellular networks are not working properly resulting in no update of location on Google maps.
  • If the internet is unable to reach the server, it may be a cause of navigation not working properly.  It can be resolved by going to the option of ‘Reset Network Settings’.
  • If the Google Maps is not showing the current movements while moving, the user needs to check the ‘Location Service’ and turn that on. It will fix the issue.
  • In the case of displaying a wrong location while ordering food or booking a taxi; the drop down list should be checked again. Sometimes a wrong selection results in wrong result.
  • In the case of App not discovering the location, location/GPS might be turned off or any of iOS settings are changed. These two options should be enabled to make Google Maps discover the location.
  • Some solutions to fix the problem of Google Maps not working:
  • Updating the Google Maps app on the Phone might resolve the issue.
  • In case, Google Maps is not working, the user can try using and installing another Maps from the App Store. If it is working then delete the Google maps also and download the updated version.
  • The user can try to reset the network settings of the phone or resetting all the settings of the phone.
  • The location services of the app can be checked whether it is enabled or disabled.

Steps to know How to update Google maps app on iPhone:

  • The user needs to browse the ‘App Store’ on iPhone, then go to ‘Google maps’ and then update the app.
  • The user can also update the maps that were saved online just by tapping the more icon, then ‘App Menu’ and then ‘Offline maps’. It will update the offline maps automatically.

In case of any further assistance, the Google technical support can be contacted. They will provide best possible solutions for the issue. The contact info is available on the official website.

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