Facing Problem-related to the Google Maps then Contact Google Maps customer service to fix the Issue

We all love to travel to a different location depending upon one’s choice.  There are numerous numbers of locations in the world, which provides us with a glimpse of natural beauty, architectural history, and cultural diversity.  There are numerous locations where getting a clear head idea about the location and direction becomes quite hectic. In those conditions, Maps play critical roles in connecting with various parts of the world.  It does not only have a played an important role in the modern world but ancient history too, which helps in providing trading roots, expansion of the culture and economic prosperity. Traditionally we use the paper-based maps and it was in circulation for quite a long period of time. But with changing technology, we no longer need to carry a map every time as there are a numerous number of maps based service, which are provided by the company on various digital platforms. One such big name in the field is the Google Maps.  Google Maps customer service will help a user to fix the problem related to any issue of Google and their maps.

Google Maps Technical Glitches

Google Maps is one of the major and world leading names in the digital mapping services field. Being the part of the Google family is itself a testimony of the fact the kind of product and service it provides to the service. A Google map covers all the major and minor location of the world. It can be accessed either through the web portal or through the mobile apps based service.  The great thing about the Google maps is that it is available on the android, Ios and other software application. It provides world class real-time satellite imagery, street maps, 360-degree view of the street as well as assistance regarding traveling distance by foot, car, bicycle and public transportation to their users. But sometimes the user does face problem while working on it, some of the common problem users faces regarding Google Map services:

  • Google Maps not working on Android devices.
  • Google Maps not showing an accurate address.
  • Maps are facing an issue with the device.
  • Maps not updating on location.
  • Issue while changing the business address on maps.

In all of these things, two important issue faces by the Google Maps user are:

Google Maps are not updating on location or having updated location

In order to fix the problem related to the Google maps updating issue, the user needs to go to the setting of android or is any other device and then scroll down and then look for the Developers option and if not available, click on about phone. Afterward, under about phone make sure to tap on the 6-7 times on built version and then one will get a message regarding as a developer and then hit back a button.

Now, open Developer options and then turn it OFF or else scroll down and the turn Mock GPS manually off. Otherwise, the other issue related to the Refresh of GPS Data. In order to do so, open the GPS status and toolbox to clear the GPS data and then tap anywhere on the screen and then click on Menu icon and further manage A GPS state Rest and then your GPS data will refresh.

Google maps are not working

This is one of the most common issues faces by the Google Maps user, Most of the time the user needs to check whether there is a proper internet connectivity or not. If there is not then fix the proper internet connectivity. The user needs to clear all the caches in their memory and thus by going to their web browser and then click on the settings and then scroll down to the bottom page. Again, click on the Advanced page and then on content setting and scroll down under the privacy and then scroll down to the location and click on the Ask before accessing. Now then go to the www.google.com/maps in order to access the physical location and then on done button.

How To Change Address on Google Maps and Correct Missing Place?

Our support team provided the following steps to change your address in Google maps and they can correct any mistake in Google maps address –

  • First, open the Browser (Google Chrome)
  • Open link or Type www.maps.google.com and press enter
  • When Google maps are open then find the option ‘Report a problem’ in the bottom right corner and click that option.
  • Then you see a box of Report a Problem at the top right corner; click the location on the map that you wish to correct.
  • Under the section ‘click on in correction information,’ you can correct the field.
  • Then Click Submit button in the bottom of Report a Problem Box.

If any customer need to change or modifications on your Google maps address or other details you must follow the steps –

  • Click option ‘Report a Problem’
  • And click option [Add a missing place].
  • Then you will see a Box option ‘Add a place’, click option ‘Are you the business owner’ link
  • Then you will redirect on My Business page and the user can able to correct the fields.
  • And click and check mark for confirm your business option and click on continue.
  • The page will redirect on ‘verify your business’ page, Click option ‘Mail me my code’ or ‘Continue and verify later’.

Google Maps Support And Resources

But In case, if the user faces any problem related to the resolving of the issue, then it’s better to take the assistance from the customer service or through Google Maps support number. They have a highly qualified customer service which is well versed in their domain. In order to contact their technical support team, a user needs to follow these simple procedures:

  • Directly go to the Google website and then type on the support center: //support.google.com/ in the address bar.
  • Again, now further select the Google maps from the product list until you have the issue.
  • Search on the related issue what you are facing the problem.
  • Or go through the support resource category and list down your question in case if the user doesn’t find it.
  • In case if anyone finds the instruction or the solution then it’s great or otherwise clicks on the help center and further find the customer number.
  • Note down those numbers and then talk to their representatives for their customer.

Google Maps Support Response Time

The Google Maps assistance provided customer support with support response time and solution time may vary.

Support Details –

Phone Number – 1-805-468-7901

Email Id – support@gmailsupportpedia.com

Website - https://maps.google.com/

Call Waiting Time – 5 Min (Maximum)

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