Google Hangouts Video Call Not Working

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What To Do When Google Hangouts Is Unable To Work

Google Hangouts is one of the finest Google most loved products and also one of the best platforms to communicate via text, voice and video. However, there are times when users do face issues while using their Hangouts application in their devices and one of the issues they face is when their PC device is unable to detect webcam.

Hence, in this article, you’ll be guided with the best solutions to get rid of the Google Hangouts video call not working issue. Moreover, there are many common reasons due to which your host browser may not be able to detect the webcam into your PC and here’s what you can do to fix them.

How To Fix Google Hangouts Microphone Not Working

Top Ways To Fix Google Hangout Issues:

Basically, when you start using the Hangouts on your PC device for the first time, it asks for your permission to allow your device’s camera & microphone. If you accidently deny the request then it may result your Google hangouts microphone not working along with the webcam. This is why; you’ll need to check first that Google Hangouts has the access to your PC’s webcam and microphone via the web browser such as Google Chrome. So, if you are a Google Chrome user and have been unable to use the Google Hangouts on it then here’s what you need to do to fix such an issue.

How Do I Give Hangouts Permission to use my Microphone?

Check The Chrome Browser Settings

  • Go to the Chrome Browser’s settings and then navigate to the 'Privacy and security' Settings menu
  • Here select the Site settings and go to the Permissions section
  • Select Camera and then you’ll be to see all the web applications and websites that have permissions to use your device’s camera
  • Go to the Block section and see if the Google Hangouts under it, if yes then you must remove it from the block list.
  • Select the drop-down menu next to the Camera option and then hit the Allow button
  • Select the drop-down menu next to the Microphone option and then select the Allow button

Check Your External Camera Connection

In case, if you have attached an external camera with your PC device via a USB cable, then ensure that it is properly connected with your device’s ports and is turned on. However, you can also detach your camera device, exit the Hangouts window and then plug the camera back and restart the PC. After the PC reboot, try making a Google Hangout call and see if everything is working alright.

Alternatively, you can also try your external camera on another device and see if the device is working with other PCs. If yes then make sure that the USB ports are working properly in your previous PC device. Also, make sure that the essential software or drivers are installed for both camera and microphone in your PC device.

Close Another Applications/Programs

If there’s any other program or application that is using the camera and microphone at same time when your Google Hangouts is turned on then it is better to close it to avoid any interference. In other words, there are times when multiple applications could not use the camera & microphone in your PC at the same time. This is why you must close all the applications except the one for which you want your camera and microphone working.

How To Enable Video On Google Hangout?

  • Open
  • Click Video call. Appear at the top of the video call Window.
  • Click Allow. Need to do this Once. Click to Allow
  • Recording: Google Hangouts video call is using your Camera and Microphone
  • Google hangouts Video Camera: The video call is using Camera and Microphone.

Moreover, you can also contact tech-support if you still are thinking about how do I enable video on Google hangouts and talk to the experts for the same.

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