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What should you do when ‘Google couldn't verify this account belongs to you’ appear on the screen

After so many attempts to recall the password, if you are not able to remember the password of your Gmail account and looking for some information that can help you out from this situation. And also, if Google couldn't verify this account belongs to you solved dialog appearing on your screen then you should not worry about it as we have brought you all the information to recover your account.

Steps To Recover Gmail Account Using Recovery Phone Number And Email Address

  • First of all, you should go to the login page of Gmail and there fill in your Gmail ID in the provided space.
  • When prompt to enter the password, you need to click on the 'Forgot Password' option.
  • After that, you need to fill in the last remembered password and click on the 'Try another way option' in case you don't remember the password.
  • Moreover, a reset link will be sent to your recovery email address or a verification code will be sent on your recovery phone number, depending upon the choice you make.
  • Then you would require entering the verification code in the provided space or if you click on the link received on your email, then, you will redirect to Google account recovery
  • There you would require creating a new password for your account and by confirming the password you should save the changes.

This is it, in this way; you will be able to recover your Google account if you have recovery email or phone number but what if you don't have this option? Well, in that case, you can follow the given procedure.

Recover Your Gmail Account without a Recovery Phone Number Or Email Address

If Google couldn't verify this account belongs to you solved appears on the screen and you need to recover your Gmail account, in that case, you should follow the given steps:

  • At first, go to the Google account recovery page and fill in your email address and click on the Next option.
  • Then are required to click on the ‘Forgot Password’ option.
  • In addition, you should fill in the Google recovery from using your most frequent device on which you generally log in to your Gmail account.
  • Besides, you will require answering some different questions in order to confirm your identity.
  • Moreover, you should click on the Try another way option to answer the security questions.
  • And you should answer the security questions as much as you can and provide the correct answer for ah and every question.
  • In this way, you will get the password reset page for your account within a short interval of time.

This is how you will be getting the access of your Gmail account without facing much trouble. But if these steps won't help you then you will have to contact the Google support team.

How Can I Fix Google Couldn’t Verify The Ownership Of Account?

Fixing this issue is not an easy task but you can do it by employing the useful methods that are given below.

  • Use Account Recovery Properly. Many users do not employ the steps of the recovery process correctly. Here, they should enter the accurate email address or phone number in the required process.
  • Give Answers to Security Questions. Do not skip questions linked to your account in the recovery process. Give answers to many questions with utmost precision of your issue.
  • Use a known Device. To help the verification tool, always use the desktop or mobile device to recover your account that was also used earlier. Apart from that, try to be in the same location during recovery.
  • Give Useful Valid Details. On being asked, enter all the valid details that are helpful to review your situation. Provide a specific message to the Google support team for identification.

How To Permanently Fix Google Recovery Error?

Resolving the Google account recovery error permanently is difficult but not an impossible task. You can resolve this issue when you follow the steps that are discussed below.

  • With strong network and launch the login page of its Google account on your browser.
  • Try to enter the password of your account and if failed click on the forgot password link.
  • Enter the password that you have used last time for login to fix the recovery error on the initial stage.
  • Otherwise, move to the next step and click on an alternative email ID or recovery phone number.
  • Get the verification code as a message or email and enter that in the required web field.
  • Create a new password and click on the Save option to make it your favorite issue.

How Can I Verify My Google Account?

To verify your account,  you should use the steps that are given below and employ them carefully.

  • Login to your Google account recovery web page.
  • Give details about your username in the required field.
  • Select email to recover your password and send a verification code.
  • Alternatively, send that code as an SMS on your registered number.
  • Receive and enter that in the required field and verify your Google account.
  • Use that by entering it in the required field to create a new password.

How Can I Bypass Google Verification?

  • Unlock your device and press the power button on it and hold for a few seconds.
  • Select the factory reset option and launch the process to reboot your device.
  • Choose the continue button on the welcome screen of your device.
  • Select the Text button when you obtain the option to connect your mobile to Wi-Fi.
  • Tap on the @ button on your phone and choose Google Keyboard Settings.
  • Choose Help & Feedback > Help > Google Keyboard > Online search any text.
  • Enable OEM and restart your device to access the section to add a new account.

The Bypass method that is given above may vary depending on different devices. If you are facing the issue in verification, Fix Google Couldnt Verify This Account Belongs To You. Gain support by calling the executives of Google that helps you a lot. If this does not help, use live chat method to gain help.

Learn How to Turn on Two-Factor Verification in Gmail?

Turning on two-step verification on your Gmail account provides data protection, and it also makes it harder for a hacker to obtain your personal information. If you want to learn that how to turn on Gmail 2-Step verification, kindly follow the instructions from below.

  • To begin, go to the Gmail website and log in to your account
  • Then go to your profile icon and select Manage your Google Account from the drop-down menu
  • After that, from the left panel on the screen, select the Security option
  • Then, select two-step verification and press the get started button on the following screen
  • Afterwards hit the next button after entering your Gmail password
  • Then input the phone number you'd like to receive verification codes on and hit next
  • Finally, input the verification code from your phone, and choose the turn on button

Learn How to turn off two-factor Verification in Gmail?

Although it is not advisable to disable two-factor verification on your Gmail account, however, you may need to do so for some reasons at times. So, if you want to learn that how to turn off Gmail two-factor verification, simply follow the steps listed below.

  • To proceed, open your browser and navigate to the Gmail website
  • You must then type your user ID and password into the designated space to sign in to your account
  • Then locate the profile icon on your Gmail account's home screen and select it
  • Next, under the profile tab, select the option Manage Your Google Account from the list
  • Then go to the security section and scroll down to the option two-step verification there
  • You must next respond to the two-step verification method you selected when requested
  • Then you can select the turn off button, which will display a warning message
  • Finally, choose the confirm button for turning off two-factor authentication on your Gmail account

Moreover, you can contact Gmail's customer care staff for any further information or confirmation you require about the two-step authentication function, as well as any other account-related assistance you need.

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