Google Chrome Not Opening After Double Click

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How to fix if Google Chrome is not opening after the double click?

If you are a Google Chrome user since a long time you will not use any other web browser for the obvious reasons such as:

Google Chrome is the fastest web browser

Due to the installed extensions

Saved usernames and passwords on the Browser

Browser history Etc

Chrome Won't Open Error on Windows Vista

If you are trying to open the Google Chrome in your computer but it is not opening, you don’t need to worry at all, you just need to follow the instruction for, how to fix Google Chrome won’t open error on Windows Vista, XP, 2000, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or even MAC.

In order to get Chrome working, you can try to kill the running chrome processes in your computer. If there are several processes running you can terminate them by opening the task manager in your computer, select the running process and click on end then end process.

Try to open it now if Google Chrome won’t open after terminating the running chrome processes you need to follow some other instruction further. You can try restarting the computer or reinstall the Google Chrome browser on your computer.

If you have already tried to run the malware and virus scan, reinstalled the Chrome, restart the computer several times Etc. but still Google Chrome not opening after double click it means there are some malware, adware, spyware, virus or Trojan in your computer which is stopping the Google Chrome to open in your computer.

Sometimes the programs installed such are antivirus, anti-malware, network security, network firewall etc., may cause trouble while opening the Google Chrome. It could change the ownership of Google Chrome due to which it won’t open using your Google account.

In this condition you can fix the problem by following the steps given below:

You need to right click on the shortcut of the Chrome on the computer and click on OPEN FILE LOCATION

Then you have to create a new Chrome shortcut on the desktop

Then you have to right-click on the  new shortcut and then open properties

In the properties window, you will be able to see the various tabs at the top you need to click on the security

Then click on Advanced button under the security tab

It will take you to the advanced settings

Here you need to click on the change button

It will give you select User or Group window

You need to enter your USERNAME then click on CHECK NAMES then OK

Now click on Effective Access and under the Effective Access tab you need to click on SELECT A USER option

You will see the window of SELECT USER OR GROUP one more time, now you have to enter the username and click on CHECK NAMES

Click on OK

Click on OK or APPLY in the advanced security window

Once you are done with these settings you will be able to open the Google Chrome and use it without any problem.

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