Google Chrome Has Stopped Working Know How to Fix It

Google Chrome is a preferred and trusted search engine. It offers reliable products and services and is used by the majority of users. While working on Google Chrome, if you are facing any issue then does not get panic. You can easily sort it out in a little or no effort. To get a genuine solution for How to Fix Google Chrome Has Stopped Working Error, read along the article.

Why Google Chrome stopped working:

There may be a number of reasons behind the improper functioning of Google Chrome. A few of them are enlisted here:

  • Network connectivity
  • Inappropriate resources
  • Access accumulation of caches
  • Presence of conflicting software
  • Using an obsolete version of Google Chrome

Fix “Google Chrome stopped working” issue in a hassle-free manner:

Here are the basic troubleshooting steps with which you can easily sort out your Google Chrome related issues:

  • Close the multiple tabs running on your device: Working on multiple tabs demand a huge part of RAM. This creates a resource shortage for the device, thus, creates issues like Google Chrome not working.
  • Check and uninstall incompatible software: If any incompatible software is running on your device that is creating conflict with Google Chrome then you need to uninstall it. You can also update the conflicting software in order to fix the Chrome related issues.
  • Check the internet connection: It is important to establish a strong internet connection in order to work on Google Chrome. If your device is not connected to the internet then make a proper connection and then access Google Chrome on your device.
  • Remove the cookies and caches from your device: Corrupted cookies files alter the proper functioning of Chrome, thus it is important to clear cookies and caches from the device.
    • Click on the Chrome menu icon from the top right corner of the screen.
    • Select the more tools option.
    • Then, tap on Clear Browsing data. Select Cookies/Other site data and then tap on Clear data option.

Doing so will clear all the cookies and browsing history, removing a lot of occupied space.

  • Restart your device and start working on Google Chrome: Some stuck programs and process may also be the reason for Google chrome has stopped working. In order to eliminate the cause and fix it, you need to restart your device. After restarting, you can reload your result on Google Chrome.

With all these steps, you can over the Google Chrome related issues. In case, entrapped in a serious issue regarding Google Chrome, contact Google customer support.

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