How to fix Google BackUp and Sync not working?

Google Drive is one of the best applications used to store multiple things such as photos, documents, and videos in your Smartphone. Users can very easily sync and back Google drive on multiple devices for varied purposes but sometimes users confront problems when their Google Drive does not back and sync and then look for alternates to resolve the problems. There can be lots of reasons behind the Google Drive backup and sync not working and if you want to resolve this problem, then you can go through the mentioned steps.

Here are the simple steps to fix Google Drive backup and sync not working problem:

Method #1 Restart Backup & Sync

  • Click on Backup and Sync option in your computer which is available at the bottom-right side.
  • Now a new pop-up will appear and then click on more.
  • Select Quit Backup and Sync.
  • Now Google Drive will close and then restart the application again in your computer.

Method #2 Restart your computer

Restarting your computer is one of the best ways to get rid of numerous problems and you can also fix your Google Drive related problems just by restarting your computer. You can also update the Google Drive version if you are using on your Smartphone.

Method #3 Uninstall and Reinstall

  • Uninstall the Google Drive from your computer completely and then go to the official downloading page t download it again.
  • Now open the recently downloaded version and then enter your Google account information to access it.
  • After that, check whether the backup is working or not.

If you are still facing any backup and syncing problems in Google Drive, then you can contact the Google customer service team and avail the highly reliable assistance to resolve the problems. They will provide effective help that can help to fix all sorts of Google Drive related issues.

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