Google Assistant/ Google Home not responding? Try these simple steps

Google Assistant or Google Home is one of the top-rated services provided by the Google where users can search on the internet through their voice without typing anything with fingers. Users can access Google Assistant on all sorts of devices to search numerous things during the browsing. But sometimes they also confront lots of technical issues when using and Google Assistant not working is one among those. This problem occurred due to several reasons but it never means that you can’t fix.

If you really want to fix Google Assistant not working, then read this article and follow the step by step procedure to fix mentioned below:

How to enable Google Assistant?

Are you sure that you have enabled the Google Assistant in your device? If not, then enable it with the help of below steps:

  1. First of all, open the Google app in your device in which you are trying to use the Google Assistant.
  2. Click on the menu which is available at the top-right corner of the screen in three dots type and then choose Settings from the scroll-down menu.
  3. Now click on Settings under the Google Assistant.
  4. After that, turn ON or Enable the Google Assistant for your device.

How to fix Google Home not responding?

Has your Google Home stopped responding in spite of connecting to the internet? Then you can very smoothly fix Google Home not responding problem with the help of below steps:

Make sure that your mic is turned on which is a very important thing to do when using the Google Home because if your mic would be turned off, then your Google Home can’t respond.

Check your internet connection because poor connectivity can also responsible for this problem. You can move your Wi-Fi to mobile data.

Restart your device and Google app which is the best way to get rid of several issues arrive when using the Google Home.

Check the compatibility of your device because Google Home supports only fewer OS or you can also update the OS of your device.

How To Fix Wifi Connection On Google Home?

Troubleshoot the issues with Wifi connection on Google Home via changing the wifi network of Google Home –

Steps to change the Wifi Connection on Google Home –

First of all, make sure your Mobile device is connected to the same WiFi with Google Home

  1. The Open the Google Home Apps
  2. Click on Google Home Device
  3. Tap Setting > WiFi > Forget Network
  4. The automatically you will come back on Google Home Screen
  5. Then follow the steps to the setup device network

NOTE – If the Google Home Wifi is not connected with the Mobile device so then you can use ‘Factory Data Reset’ Option.

With these above-described instructions, Google Assistant not responding problem can fix in a very simple manner. If you are still getting any error during or after using the Google Home, then contact with the customer service team of Google and obtain the best help to resolve your queries.

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