Gmail SMTP Not Working


How can you fix Gmail SMTP not working?

Google SMTP stands for simple mail transfer protocol that are sets of easy communication reference used while sending mail on internet. And Google SMTP which uses use while sending mail through Google or their Gmail account. But if in case SMTP settings in your account are not working and you are totally clueless thinking that why won’t my Gmail SMTP settings work then refer to below details.

Steps to fix SMTP settings on Google account:

  1. Enable less secure apps on Gmail

The biggest reason behind SMTP not working online is because maybe you are using insecure apps on your mail that are not protected.

Therefore to fix the issue log into your Gmail account

Tap on less secure apps and turn it off

Wait till Google update its settings

Check your mail, SMTP would have started working

  1. Two factor authentication method:

If your account doesn’t support SMTP then you can use two factor authentication methods

This method is more secure and ensures safe and secure log in your mail.

Its familiar to its users as well as users don’t have to remember their passwords.

For enabling two factor authentications connect your mail box to Google via OAuth.

And hence you are done with fixing SMTP on Gmail. In case of any doubt or query you can contact on customer support number.

How To Enable SMTP for Gmail Account

For the users who are experiencing issues in their outgoing server can get rid of it by entering the details manually. And in case you do not know how to proceed then follow the steps below.

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Steps to Enable SMTP Settings for Gmail!

  1. Open a web browser and go to Gmail.com from its search bar. 
  2. Enter the username and password in the page that is displayed in front of you and then tap “Next”. 
  3. From the “Settings” option of Gmail, and go to “Account Settings” and choose “Tools” option. 
  4. For the outgoing server choose SMTP Settings and tap on “Add button to enter new SMTP settings manually. 
  5. From a new window that is displayed in front of you start to enter your SMTP setting details manually. 
  6. You can enter the following details : 

Description: Enter your username by which you need to be identified as. 

SMTP Server Name: smtp.gmail.com. 

SMTP Username: The username that you have for Gmail. 

SMTP Password: The password that you entered to log into Gmail. 

SMTP Port: 465 SSL required or 587 TLS required.

Hence, with the help of the above steps, you can enable and set up Gmail settings for SMTP server manually. The same process can be followed to enable Gmail IMAP and POP3 in case your inbox server is not responding yet. For any further issues, you are free to contact Gmail customer support. 

So, if you are using Gmail then you shall be assured as you will not encounter any major issues with it. However, if you still get to experience issues with Gmail then you shall not panic. Every problem has a resolution and hence your problem will also be resolved. At the same time, if you get to experience the issue with your outgoing mails of Gmail then it might be because of many reasons. And one of the best ways to fix the Outgoing email issue is by setting the outgoing Gmail SMTP configuration server manually. If you do not know how then you may proceed further.

Enter the Outgoing Gmail Server Manually in Following Steps!

  1. Open a web browser and go to Gmail.com from its search bar. 
  2. Enter the username and password in the sign-in page displayed in front of you. 
  3. When the inbox is displayed, choose the option of settings from the top-right corner and select “Enable SMTP Server” option. 
  4. A dialogue box will be displayed in front of you asking for details. Enter the details as mentioned below: 

Description: The name that you want to be identified as.

SMTP Server Name: smtp.gmail.com.

SMTP Username: Gmail username.

SMTP Password: The Gmail account password and Gmail SMTP configuration and server password will be the same.

SMTP Port: 465 SSL or 587 TLS required entering.

  1. Tap the “Save” option to save the settings.

Therefore, with the help of the above steps, you can set up the outgoing server manually and fix it.

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