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Is Gmail not Working Today?

Gmail is one of the top-rated email services best known for its error-free and secure mailing features that make it the world’s leading email service provider. But sometimes varied conditions arrived when Gmail stopped working on multiple devices. And then every Gmail user finds the appropriate ways to fix the not working problem of Gmail.

Some most common Gmail issues and their easy fixes

Is Gmail not working today? And showing any unexpected error that disturbing you to do various things that you expect from your Gmail account? Then there might be varied reasons behind this problem. In this article, you will learn about the step by step process to fix Gmail not working problems and its solutions.

How to check if your Gmail is working?

Before taking any step, you should need to check whether your Gmail is working properly or not. There are multiple ways to check the working status of your Gmail account which is given below:

Check the Google Status Dashboard

You can check the status of your Gmail account via a status dashboard easily via below steps:

  • Visit the Google Status Dashboard page from your web browser.
  • Now you can see the Current Status column for Gmail from the given list of varied services provided by Google.
  • Now go to the today’s date in the row of Gmail and then you can see the status of your Gmail account via any color of the button.

What are the most common Gmail issues?

However, users confront a lot of technical issues when using a Gmail account on multiple devices or browsers and Gmail not responding is one among those. But in spite of this, users also confront some other technical issues that are given below with their relevant solutions:

1# Forgot to sign in the password

It is one of most common issue highly faced by the users when using their Gmail account.  Well, Google proffers a long list of password recovery ways that can help to recover a forgotten Gmail account password.

First of all, login to your Gmail account by using your login credentials and then click on your profile picture available on the top-right side. Click on My Account under the Sign-in & Security. Now click on Signing in to Google and then you can see the varied options of recovery via email, phone and security questions. Choose a specific way to recover the password.

2# Two-Step Verification issues

Using your Gmail account more secure via 2-step verification is the best way but there are lots of users available that confront problems with the two-step verification process. If you want to resolve this problem, and then make sure that you are sending the code into the correct number that you had provided for the two-step verification process. Check your internet connection and signal on your phone network. You can also utilize the Google Authenticator app where you can scan the QR code and verify your Gmail account identity.

3# Syncing issues

Sometimes users also confront problems when they try to sync their Gmail account on their devices. But you can fix this problem in a very simple manner via the below steps:

  • Make sure that you are having on an active internet connection because poor internet connectivity also caused for varied problems.
  • Update your Gmail app in your device to the latest version.
  • Restart your device that you are using to use the Gmail and syncing.
  • Clear the Gmail app data on your device that can also cause syncing problems.

4# Gmail not loading on Chrome Browser

If your Gmail is not loading on some chrome browsers, then there can be varied reasons behind this problem. To fix this problem, you can update your browser to the latest version. Clear the caches and cookies in your browser that can also be responsible for the not loading issues of Gmail account.

How To Fix Gmail is Not Working on iPhone?

If any iPhone user unable to access your Gmail account, error showing sign button not working, password incorrect, device issues etc, for fix this problems user need to follow steps –

  • Open Safari Browser and Go to and check for Alerts
  • Open the iPhone
  • Get option Popup that Asks you to Download a Gmail App
  • Tap the tiny “mobile Gmail site” link at the bottom of the screen
  • After sign-in you will be Alert box or Email in your inbox
  • If you will get a message like "Someone has your password" or "We blocked a sign-in attempt"
  • Then and their Click on the button "Review Your Devices Now"

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