Is your Gmail inbox filled up but don’t know how to archive? Here is everything to learn.

Gmail account is one of the prime email services widely used among the people across the world. It is so easy to manage and install on the various kind of the mobile and other technical devices like iPhone, iPad, Mac, and tablet. When someone needs to use this kind of webmail account using any another email account like Microsoft, or Hotmail account, he has to configure and install Gmail account on his email account using two protocols like IMAP and SMTP mail server.

It is so crucial to understanding the technological method like start the troubleshooting task; configure process of Gmail account, Archiving folder, password recovery or reset process, and much more

Don’t know to fix when Gmail inbox full how to archive?

Gmail has more than sufficient storage capacity to store multiple data at a time. But sometimes when you have not deleted the unusual items, make sure your Gmail account might be full and thereafter your Gmail account will no longer be the same as the extraordinary capacity of storage.

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So in this article, we all will focus on the storage that sometimes makes full to its inbox and most of us feel so curse and wonder that why we are not able to watch the recent emails and what happened to our Gmail account. Got that point and get started to fix that issue at your end without fear whether your data will be saved or not. This is a time when you would like to achieve some more space to save some data of which means you are going to delete the items from your inbox permanently and thus you will free up space in your Gmail account’s inbox.

The archive is a separate folder in the Gmail account that store the file and folder apart from the storage capacity and it does not require more space. It is so easy to archive emails on the Gmail account simply.

Take a look at how it works.

  • First of all, launch your internet browser and go to the Gmail sign in page.
  • Enter the correct Gmail address and press next button and type the password.
  • Click on sign in button and check out the recent emails if you did not find then select additional emails.
  • Find the emails to the archive after selecting them to store in the archive folders.
  • It is so easy to the same process using a Gmail account app and selects emails to achieve.
  • All the messages you can check into the Archive folder which is accessible at any time to find out the emails instantly.
  • Having completed the task click on the done button at the end of the process.

It is quite easy to access to check out the items you have already in the Gmail account.

Where is an archive in Gmail app?

However, if your question is where the archive folder using Gmail app is you need to check out your Gmail account carefully. If you are still facing some difficulties and unable to find out the folder, see the topic carefully.

  • Go to the all-mail showing on the left and see the message.
  • Click to open and choose the move button to inbox option.
  • Go to the search box and press archive button and select the archive folder finally.

If face any other error and don’t know what to do visit Gmail support help at any time.  

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