Procedure to sync Google contacts with Mac

Google Contacts is the contact management tool in Google. It is available in Gmail, free email service provided by Google. It gives an option of sorting the contacts into the group by sorting it alphabetically. If any changes are done in the contacts, it will automatically get saved. It has the option of restoring the whole database within the duration of a month. It has the ability to find and merge the duplicates in the list.

In case, if users have a Mac operating system and they are facing an issue of Google contacts not syncing with Mac, below listed steps can be followed:

Backing up the Contacts

  • The user accessing the account needs to back up the existing contacts. In order to start with the backup process, on the Mac open the Contacts. It would be a brown colored icon which has a look of an address book. In case it is not there, it can be looked in the Launchpad.
  • Then, in the dropdown list, click on File, the export and then contacts archive. Then a window is popped-up asking the name of the file and a location needs to be selected where the contacts should save. Enter the details and save it.

Adding Google account

  • Keep the contacts app still open, then from the menu bar click the contacts tab and click on Add account.
  • After that, a window is popped up asking to add the type of account. Select Google from the list and continue.
  • Then it will ask to authenticate it with the Google username and password.
  • In case, a corporate SSO product is used, additional authentication steps need to be followed.
  • Once the user has signed-in, they need to select the data they want to sync.
  • In this case, the contacts are selected, but if the user wishes, the can add other options to sync process. They can sync messages, calendar, notes data and mail also.
  • Once all the steps are done and completed, click on Done.        
  • After performing all the steps, the user needs to check on the Contacts page, on the left-hand side, a sub-heading will be added up saying Google.
  • If a user wishes to add another account, some more options will come up asking for the details of the other account to be added.

Above written are the steps on, How to sync your Google and Gmail contacts with your Mac.

If still some issue comes up in the process, the technical department of Google customer support can be contacted where the technical people will help in resolving the issue. The contact information is available on the official website.

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