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Is your Google Chrome Taking Too Long to Load Pages?

Hurry follows these troubleshooting steps to fix the issue at the earliest?

Enhance your knowledge with the help of Google Chrome:

Google Chrome is one of the most popular and one of the most commonly used web browsers that help the users in providing detailed information about any topics. Google Chrome has a number of features instilled in it using which the users will be able to search relevant information on diverse topics.

Quick and easy ways to know how to fix the issue of Google Chrome taking too long to load the pages:

The users may execute the steps listed here in order to fix the issue of Google Chrome taking too long to load the pages. Instant solution to solve this issue is presented below. At times, it may happen that while accessing the features of Google Chrome, Google Chrome takes a long time to open windows 7. To fix this issue, the users may follow the steps listed here:

Using the Chrome Cleanup Tool for Windows: By making use of the Chrome cleanup Tool, the users will be able to fix the issue. The tool helps to scan and remove the malware and spyware causing a problem with the Chrome browser.

DNS Resolution Problem: The users may open the site in some other browser like Firefox, IE or Safari so as to check the loading speed of the sites. If the loading speed is slow in all the browsers, then the users need to check the DNS Settings.

Clearing the Browser History: The user needs to open the URL command “chrome://settings/clearBrowserData” in the address bar to see “Clear browsing data” popup. Then the user needs to go to the “Advanced” tab and then choose the option of “All time” from the dropdown so as to clear the browsing history. Finally, the user needs to click on the “Clear data” button in order to delete the files.

Disabling the Plug-in: By disabling the plug-in, the users will be able to fix the issue. If the installed plug-in may be causing the issue, then the users may check the same by opening the page in incognito mode.

Disabling Extensions: The user needs to open the URL “Chrome: //Extensions/” in order to view the list of extensions. The users may select the option to disable these.

Deleting the Bookmarks: The users may delete the bookmarks so as to fix the issue of Google Chrome taking too long to load pages. This way will help in fixing the issue.

Updating the Chrome Installation Version: The user needs to keep their Google Chrome updated. The passengers may first uninstall the installed version and then install the updated version.

Checking the Antivirus and Firewall Settings: The presence of an antivirus and firewall settings may cause the issue. The user needs to disable the antivirus and the firewall settings to fix the issue.

Enabling Network Predictions: The presence of Network Predictions allows Google Chrome to preload the linked pages on the webpage. By clicking on any of the links here, the users will be able to fix the issue.

The ways listed above will assist the users in fixing the issue of Google Chrome. The users may contact the well qualified technical experts for fixing the issues instantly. The experts are well qualified and possess a lot of knowledge in providing the right guidance to fix the issues.

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